The Rabbit Hole

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The Rabbit Hole
Author(s) Seppel
Status Defunct
Launch date May 1, 2006
End date August 13, 2013
Genre List-based
Censor NC17 button.png

The Rabbit Hole was a database of kink (paraphilia) listings for Furcadia and other RPG players, for the purpose of sexual roleplay. As of September 2009, The Rabbit Hole listed over 226,000 characters, and featured more than two-hundred and ten different kinks.

The Rabbit Hole featured Dens, or forums, where like-minded individuals could chat and find characters with similar or related interests.


Unlike many other kink-based websites[1], The Rabbit Hole featured specific listings through which users could directly search for others with similar kinks (very similar to the search function is rival website, F-list). Users could post and view listings searching for specific types of roleplay utilizing various kinks and settings. Dens, or small, personal forums, were also an integral part of The Rabbit Hole, serving as meeting places for people to share similar and related sexual interests and roleplay.

Current status[edit]

The Rabbit Hole is defunct as of August 2013, but the archived structure of the website can still be viewed and entered at .


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