The Plush Pile

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The Plush Pile (t plushpile) is a storefront for roleplaying scenes involving plushies on Tapestries, and is owned by Asten and Matrian. Populated by both plushie-loving furs, and living plushies, this small area works to promote good will and positive feelings among it's patrons.


Main Room[edit]

Good for snuggling and light yiff or plushie play. Play in this room should always be consensual.

Premium Section[edit]

Here's where to go if you're interested in animate, 'living' plushies. Feel free to act as one yourself or roleplay out buying one with a friend. The propreitors are sometimes willing to take part in this themselves, too.


Good for more private sexual scenes, consensual or not.

Stock Room[edit]

A publicly-linkable area for plushies (or others, if they'd like) to stay on a short- or long-term basis.


May be part of a 'custom order' RP, and also has equipment for plushies transformations.


Suited for fairly dark play; usually non-con, up to and including snuff. Be aware, if you decide to go in, especially if you're plush.