The Painted Cat

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Cover of The Painted Cat.

The Painted Cat is a novel by Austen Crowder. It was published in April, 2015, by Argyll Productions,[1] and is Crowder's second novel.

The synopsis of the novel reads:[1]

The Painted Cat
Janet lives in two worlds.

In one world, she is Miss Perch, teacher at a small school deep in the corn grids, helping kids who are turning into cartoons find their way out of town.

In the other, she is Bunny Cat, and paints herself up to be the very same type of cartoon cat her small town has grown to hate.

The wall separating those two worlds is starting to break down. Between rekindling a relationship with an old college flame and discovering how much she loves being Bunny Cat her two worlds are starting to merge. Keeping up the appearances of two separate lives is bad enough, but when kids start getting sent away for turning toon she knows she can’t stand on the sideline any longer.

Two things are for sure: the two worlds won’t stay distinct for much longer, and Janet won’t come out unscathed.

The Painted Cat


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