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Human Furry Animals is the title of a half-hour long television documentary made as part of Channel 4's The Other Side, a series giving first time directors the chance and budget to create their own documentaries. This documentary, directed by Emma Piquemal and first aired in October 2000, focuses on the UK fur and were community.

In contrast to most popular media coverage, Human Furry Animals is widely regarded by furs to portray them in a positive light. The show mainly consists of interviews with members of the LondonFurs community, giving their views on the subject with little narative commentary, but also includes a visit to a LondonFurs pubmeet. Amongst those interviewed, the most featured are Marcony, Ruin and Lone Wolf.

Lev Lion, Vexen Crabtree, and Ultrafox also have a significant amount of screen time.

Whilst primarily about furries, the documentary also covers the subject of therianthropy in less depth.

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