The Order of the Black Dog

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The Order of the Black Dog
Author(s) Immelmann
Update schedule Fridays
Launch date April 13, 2012
End Date Ongoing
Genre Sci fi / Horror
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The Order of the Black Dog, casually known simply as The Black Dogs, is a furry webcomic by artist Immelmann. It is a science-fiction and horror webcomic heavily inspired by Lovecraftian horror. The first issue launched on April 13, 2012 - Friday the 13th and the author's birthday. Issues #1 and #2 were released as whole issues with several months between; Issue #3 was released one strip per week.


The comic takes place in an alternate Earth, set in the future. The main plot so far has taken place in fictional Cairo, Egypt, a world super-power more similar to modern American than actual Egypt. The author utilizes Art Deco influences for in-world design.

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