The Office Bitch

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The Office Bitch
Author(s) Picklejuice
Update schedule  ?
Launch date  ?
End Date Ongoing
Genre  ?
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The Office Bitch is a webcomic by Picklejuice set in a bizarre corporate workspace where a demotion might mean a change of species.


After screwing up a huge deal for the company, Toby is being punished with a curse. His humanity is slowly whittling away, turning him into a dog. Everyone has turned against him, and he must work almost as a slave, because "The Bitch doesn't get to go home: the Bitch gets to stay late." He gets a bowl of coffee and a bowl of donuts every day, however.

Eventually his mind snaps and comes to deserve the title for her new cruel and harsh attitude when she choses to start transforming her co-workers for revenge.


  • Toby, The protagonist, is bewildered by all the strange events, and clings desperately to the idea that this all is just a dream.
  • Frank, the boss, is a huge muscle bound man with a lantern jaw and blonde hair he wears in a jerry curl.
  • Penny, a clerk, tempts the Bitch with a strange attraction to his new body.
  • Kevin, middle management, is the company Rat and works to snitch Toby out at every turn.
  • Henry, the wild mannered janitor, frequently has to feed and clean up after the Bitch. He does not like his job and takes it out on the Bitch whenever he can.

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