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The Nostalgia Critic is an Internet series created and performed by Doug Walker, also known as That Guy With the Glasses. The series features humorous reviews of nostalgic television programs and films. The founder and administrator of the site is Michael Michaud, in addition to being the CEO of the parent company Channel Awesome. The site was launched in April 2008 after the original videos were removed from YouTube following complaints of copyright infringement.


Douglas Walker's first appearance on the web was on the video website YouTube, in which he created satirical video reviews of films and other media entertainment of the past and present.

The series drew complaints from major studios like 20th Century Fox and Lions Gate over alleged copyright infringement.[1] Despite Walker explaining that his videos are satirical and thus protected by the Fair Use copyright clause, pressure from the studios resulted in his Youtube Channels and video content being taken off the website.

After Leaving Youtube, Doug Walker created the website That Guy with the Glasses with the help of Internet webmaster Mike Michaud.

There are rumors that he first started to learn about furries after his review of the film 'Space Jam' on 17 April 2008, possibly due to some fans describing it on forums on the site after the review was posted.

Since then, he has made references to furries in his videos starting with 'The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog' on 18th February 2009, 'Rock A Doodle' on 17th March 2009, and most prominently of all, 'Video Game Confessions Episode 10: Fox Mc Cloud' on 27th June 2010 until its first series ended in 2012.

Put after a series revival in 2013, He hired two actors to update the show's revival which one of them is Malcolm Ray, which revealed in his official Twitter account that he furry or furry fan himself.[2]

The Nostalgia Critic and furry[edit]

The series references furry fandom on multiple occasions, first in the episode "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog", which reviews The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (1993) and Sonic the Hedgehog (1993-1994). While discussing the character of Princess Sally Acorn, the Nostalgia Critic refers to the character as resulting in the birth of the furry fandom. Referring back to his previous review of Space Jam, in which he complained, in reference to the "sexy" appearance of Lola Bunny, including the presence of "bunny boobies", that most audiences do not wish to "fuck bunnies", and that the small percentage that do wish to do so hardly seems like a profitable demographic,[3] he briefly suggests that furries are the small minority that does have an attraction to "sexy" bunnies, before admitting that this is a broad generalization and that furries are simply people interested in anthropomorphism, but states that he finds it strange that furries aren't interested in centaurs.[4]

The Nostalgia Critic also refers to furries in his review of Rock-A-Doodle, in reference to a sequence in which a human child turns into a cartoon cat and says something that sounds like "JEEPERS! I'M A FURRY!" The Nostalgia Critic responds that the character is too young to know what "that means", noting that he is still unsure of what it means, and that he doesn't wish to find out.[5] The actual line from the film is "I'm all furry", but it is too difficult to understand because of the actor's speech impediment.

Walker also mentions furries in another one of his series, Video Game Confessions, in which the bartender from the Pixel Palace recounts a conversation with video game hero Fox McCloud, in which McCloud admits to being a "humany" -- an animal who likes to dress up as a human and engage in human behaviors.[6]


The review of The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog appeared as a "link of the day" on Fur Affinity.

Fandom references to The Nostalgia Critic[edit]

In Furthia High, QuetzaDrake dresses as the Nostalgia Critic for Halloween.[7]


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