The Naughty Otter

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The Naughty Otter is a BDSM club on Sociopolitical Ramifications MUCK. Around 1995, it was an unusual night when this wasn't the busiest place on the MUCK. Pets would find Masters and there were clever leash programs and viewing rooms available to furs who liked to act out unusual relationships. The popularity of this club and others like it drove Tuxedo, an early wizard responsible for building much of SPR's central landscape, away from SPR.

The club would later be shadowed by The Busted Bra Inn - a haven for lesbians and lactophiles - and The Dungeon, another BDSM club. The BBI was ever present on the SPR whereare for several years with only the SPR Slave Auctions drawing bigger crowds.

With the growth of Tapestries MUCK, most of SPR's sex clubs have turned vacant.