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'The Meatrix' is an award-winning Flash animated spoof of The Matrix about America's meat packing and fast food industry. The cast consists of an anthropomorphic cow, pig and chicken in the roles of Morpheus, Neo and Trinity, respectively.


Moopheus the Cow finds Leo the Pig at a family farm and informs him that corporations are taking over the way farms used to be. By taking the blue pill, Leo can remain at ease in his current situation, or by taking the red pill, Leo can see just how far the rabbit hole goes. Of course, he chooses the red pill.

Awards and film festivals[edit]

The Meatrix has received multiple awards for achievement, such as the 2005 WebAward for Outstanding Achievement in Website Development, the 2005 Webby Award in the category of "Charitable Organizations Nonprofit", the 2004 in Environmental Media Awardsin the category of Short Documentary, the Special Glynwood Harvest Innovative Communications Award in 2004, the Netsurfer's Award for Short Films for the Internet at the 2004 Annecy International Animated Film Festival, among many other awards.

It has been screened at dozens of film festivals, including the Woodstock Film Festival and the Catalonia International Film Festival.

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