The Lumarions

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The Lumarions
Author(s) Jacob Elmer, Jordann Edwards, Joey Carlon, and Craig Black
Launch date TBA
End Date TBA
Genre Science fantasy, neo-western, action-adventure, space western, comedy-drama, girls with guns
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The Lumarions: a Captain MacTaggart story is the planned spin-off/sequel to Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart created by Jacob Elmer, Jordann William Edwards, Craig Black, and Joey Carlon.The series picks up after the ending of the original Captain MacTaggart story and focuses on a newer and much younger crew recruited by rogue warrior from a post-apocalyptic future, to help prevent the take over of a ruthless pirate from the Midori empire.


The story of The Lumarions, takes place in the post apocalyptic future, after the intergalactic war and Midori's empire had fallen, and the citizens trying to rebuild their society. However, as the years went on, a new threat arises from the ashes of the Empire. Gordon McLane, formerly number 73, would eventually take over the universe, finishing what the princess had started. After several failed attempts to take him down, a resistance fighter, Morag Keiko “Maggie” Geddes, has no choice but to travel back in time before his full conquest.

She has now assembled a new team of people, most of whom were holding jobs in an Earthbound courier. But McLane (in an era before his uprising) has already formed a team known as “The Knight of McLane” and they have already begun to put their plan into action. It is up to Maggie to foil his plots in order to stop his uprising, while discovering some troubling secrets.



  • Morag Keiko “Maggie” Geddes a female raccoon and the daughter of Kyoko Mori and Alasdair Geddes and grandniece of Jaws MacTaggart. Maggie is a resistance fighter who comes from the future, when McLane fully conquers the universe. She travels back in time to escape persecution. She becomes a captain and leader, and forms a new resistance under the guise of a courier in Vancouver.
  • Moonzie The gypsy fox who acts as the expert in everything supernatural and magic. She had a premonition that a much more dangerous threat will rise.
  • Abigail "Abby" Clapton a red vixen from Vancouver, Canada. She becomes the right hand woman of Maggie after joining the crew.
  • Samantha "Sam" Rhys A Welsh Foxhound and Abby’s childhood friend who embarks with the crew on their adventures. Samantha is also very wealthy and uses her connections to help fund the crew.
  • Tiffany Phillips A Scottish tabby cat and another friend of Abby Clapton, who serves as the ship’s engineer. She is a rebellious punk rocker and against mindless conformity.
  • Thomas "Tom" Hughes a Male German Shepherd and Tiffany’s buff, and handsome boyfriend, who is the weapons expert and muscle of the crew. He joins the crew to help pay for the medical treatments for his sick father. Tom is short tempered but very quick minded, he knows how to get out of a tight spot, as he is handy with weapons and firearms and is skilled in hand to hand combat.


  • Captain Gordon McLane (Number 73) a male Doberman and former follower of Princess Midori. After the empire fell McLane made it his personal mission to rule the universe.