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The Listener is a Michigan resident born on June 30, 1985. While he recognizes himself both in mind, body, and spirit as human, he feels a odd kinship to the Mouse and Rat. A frequent visitor of FurNet and Second Life, he is often found chatting and hanging out with various friends, both online and off.

An avid fan of role-playing, he often creates new characters to play as. His favorite character, Talon Lardner, is based on and named after his primary Ratling avatar in Second Life. He also has two Draconic characters, TeLister Ryu and Elementh Ryu, and numerous supporting characters that he adopted on various role-plays of his. He has also tried his hand in writing and drawing, and maintains a small line of clothes for sale in Second Life. He also dabbles in art and writing on occasion.

Currently, he is a full time student, hoping to earn a degree in Networking.

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