The Lion King RPG 3: Mchinjo Dreams

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The Lion King RPG 3: Mchinjo Dreams was a role-playing game created by Dimruthien VerenLaulaja, based on The Lion King. It was the third incarnation of The Lion King RPG: Outlander's Revenge, following The Lion King RPG 2: Marika's Return.


It was night now and as the nocturnal animals crept from their hiding places, their daytime fellows crawling into theirs, another entity stirred... Light rippled across the paintings over the grey cave walls, their coloured figures telling the tales of long ago.. war, kidnapping, murder... Branches shiver as the ghosts of time pass through their branches whispering soft tales... and creeping in the darkness... an assassin awaits its prey... Flash of hungry eyes and a swipe of deadly claws and the lion falls.. blood seeping from the torn gullet and pooling around the once regal visage... now it feeds... indifferent to race.. indifferent to gender.. each side blames the other.. only it knows the truth... only it knows the fact behind the eyes of the Mchinjo Dreams...


  • Imara'ya'Sekhmet - Lioness[1]
  • Tambuzi - Cheetah-Lion Hybrid[2]


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