The Legion of the Headless Unicorn

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The Age of Reason Has No Need of Unicorns (Original art by Ken Pick)

The Legion of the Headless Unicorn (also known as Order of the Headless Unicorn or La Légion de la Licorne sans Têtes was a proposal put forth by furry artist Ken Pick in December of 1999 for a "honorary order for those Christian Furs who have been burned by Furry Fandom, or are trying to make it better against heavy odds."

The idea was first suggested on the original Christian Furs mailing list, God's Creatures, hosted at that time at The proposal -- including idea for an award/medal (featuring a severed unicorn head) and "roll of honor" on the Burned Furs website -- was simultaneously proposed on the (secret) Burned Furs mailing list, but never got further than the proposal stage.

The name is derived from a picture by Ken titled "The Age of Reason Has No Need of Unicorns", depicting a bound anthro unicorn mare facing the guillotine during the French Revolution. The picture premiered in the artshow at Anthrocon 1999 (Theme: "Join the Furry Revolution") and was captioned with its title in French, "L'Age de Raison n'a pas Besoin de Licornes". (A black-and-white preliminary of the picture also appeared in the Anthrocon program for that year; the original is currently in the collection of Vulpes Rex.)

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