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Kemeeleon, also known as The Kemeeleon is a furry independent film maker, and a founding member of Umgotts Studios, who first began his official association with the furry fandom in early 2004, attending a number of anthropomorphic-related events at I-Con 23, in addition to his duties at the con as director of the CCG Track. He then attended AnthroCon 2004, his first full-fledged furry convention also, coincidentally, the last one held at the Adam's Mark Philadelphia.

In addition to the usual "always held the interest in anthropomorphic animals, but didn't know about furry until such and such a when" most furries include as part of their biography, The Kemeeleon's case is rather unique in that he as well as a number of his high school friends, including Amadeus, Lunamor, and PyroPhin, all stumbled across the furry fandom independently of one another. In their college years, one discussion lead to another and they suddenly realized that they could all, to some degree or another, associate themselves with the fandom.

After having a great time volunteering at AnthroCon, he attended FurFright in 2004, where he met his current girlfriend and love of his life, the furry artist and animator Mitsu. They began dating in the spring of 2005, and have been happy together since, attending a number of furry cons together, including I-Con 24, where The Kemeeleon performed on a number of panels pertaining to science and furry, including one alongside Uncle Kage that resulted in an escape through a first-floor window of Stony Brook University's Old Chemistry Building; AnthroCon 2005, where The Kem worked on his art in Artist's Alley at a half-table adjoining Mitsu and Lunamor. He also performed in the Masquerade alongside Amadeus, performing a two-man spinoff of their in-production film, The Red Raven Legends.

The group traveled to Connecticuit for FurFright 2005 where they premiered their finished, first independent film, OMGWTF! Furries. There were two screenings over the course of the convention, which were followed by the pseudo-"Making Of" simply entitled Don't. as well as a live Q&A from Amadeus and The Kemeeleon. Con crud set in early, and that resulted in a rather ill The Kemeeleon hosting a short, poorly rehearsed discussion on theoretical genetics and scientific flaws of anthropomorphics.

In the Spring of 2006, The Kemeeleon appeared at I-Con 25. His panels included not only two more screenings of OMGWTF! Furries, but additionally panels on technology and the fandom, independent film making, anthropomorphics on TV, a look at the science behind Jurassic Park, and a discussion on convention etiquette alongside Kagemushi.

In July 2006, The Kemeeleon did a couple of panels at AnthroCon, including a reading of The Red Raven Legends and a panel entitled What the Heck's a Furry, Anyway?, both alongside Amadeus.

He appeared at FurFright 2006 under the badge name Dark Lord Kemeeleon as a sponsor/dealer/panelist, hosting a back-to-back screening of OMGWTF! Furries! and a preview of OMGWTF! Furries II: The Wrath of Con. He and Amadeus also hosted a panel on podcasting, as well as a two-man comedy show aptly titled Standing Room Only.

At I-Con 26, he and Amadeus hosted repeat screenings of 'OMGWTF!' and the preview of its sequel, as well as another session of What The Hell's A Furry, Anyway? and a panel entitled Furs Control The Media, both of which filled the lecture halls in which they were held.

Presently, the lizard is working on a sequel to OMGWTF tentatively subtitled The Wrath of Con, which will be feature-length and more story-oriented than the first mockumentary, as well as working on his pet project of a number of years, the sci-fi/fantasy muck-up called The Red Raven Legends.


  • True Fur - (2006) - A short piece documenting the creative processes of Umgotts Studios, starring Kemeeleon, Amadeus, and Smitty as themselves. It included interviews with cast and crew, some bloopers and outtakes, Amadeus and Kemeeleon yelling at each other around a laptop while swinging a lacrosse stick, and toast. Featured on the Unlimited Geekdom DVD. "I just made Captain Spock and Kirk have sex on your desktop..."
  • LOL - (2006) - A five-minute long spoof of Lost with copious references to the fandom through the OMGWTF! Furries perspective. A handful of furs are stranded on an island and must cope with each other as well as its mysterious inhabitants. "This isn't your fandom -- this is our fandom..."
  • The Red Raven Legends - In Production - Creator of the series, wrote a majority of the script and humor, once more with Amadeus at his side to sculpt the parody universe in which the series takes place. The first film in the three-part initial trilogy is currently in production, with Kemeeleon playing the roles of both hero Anicant Kristfigur and villainous Dark Darkness, as well as the sagacious and salacious Dr. Strangeyiff and sinister Bobacabrazi, as well as directing and editing.
  • OMGWTF! Furries II - The Wrath of Con - In Production - Once more improvisation reigns, with many scenes and concepts once more scripted and refined by Kemeeleon. He directs while returning in lead roles as Dark Serpento and Tio Koggey, and also portraying Umgotts Studios chief S. Gatsby in the film, plus some new interviewees. A special preview screening of the first half of the film will took place at FurFright 2006 and I-Con 26.


Ridin' Furry is a furry song parody attributed to Kemeeleonaire, a pseudonym of Kemeeleon's that is a portmanteau of his name and the hip-hop artist Chamillionaire, who sings Ridin' Dirty, the rap song which Ridin' Furry spoofs.

Online I’m trollin’
And postin’
Freak the mundanes when we goin’ ridin’ furry

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