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Jamie Malecki (aka Jamie Jalecki) is a Canadian artist, living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Jamie has created The Jalecki Family & Friends, Animals Against Injustice, The Hollowwood Hearties, Animal-'Taurs, Ani-Goyles, Gianimals, Robotnimals, and more.

Jamie has a graphics degree in signage, creates fan art and writes short stories. He is inspired by the animation of Warner Brothers, Hanna-Barbera, and comic book publishers DC and Marvel.

He has also established a reputation for harassing[1] furry artists (among others) who do not conform to his PG standards.

The Jalecki Family & Friends are one of MANY creations by Jamie Malecki. Its setting is the Georgian Bay, cottage country (in Central Ontario, though pretend) community of Wymbolwoodland. The main characters are father/husband Jamie Jalecki, mother/wife Janie Jalecki, and their two children son/brother Jimmy Jalecki, and daughter/sister Jan Jalecki, all-together a family of jackrabbits. In their community, they happily live and enjoy the friendly company and services of their many neighbours and friends, of various creatures and sizes.


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