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The InflatioNation

The InflatioNation (also known as The InflationNation or The IN) was one of the furry fandom's largest inflation communities. The IN was originally created an alternative to other mature inflation sites so that users could enjoy non-pornographic inflation art and media. The website contained a forum, original art galleries and rehosted clips from cartoons and movies.


The InflatioNation was founded in September 1999 by Dupo, as a page for artists to showcase non-pornographic inflation artwork. Rubbertex Raccoon joined the staff as the site grew in size.

Sirkain started hosting the website in 2002. Rubbertex resigned around this time and Sirkain, along with Scooter McPhearson, began assisting in administration and moderation duties. The IN was redesigned in 2004 and again in September 2006 to mark the site's 7th anniversary.

On October 23, 2006, Sirkain announced his resignation from running the InflatioNation.

The InflatioNation
I would like to step down as owner of the IN. *shrug* Just dont have the time, interest or care to keep maintiaing this. For what I remember it as years back, has long since vanished and been dead. I also seem to just get too busy with Rl to really be able to dedicate worthy admin/owner time into the In itself, and i feel it should go to someone who does have the time and desire for it.

I'm not asking for the IN to get off my server - far from it. I just dont want to maintain it anymore or call the shots. If you care to discuss this with me, you can e-mail me or hit me on any of the Im services. Should all be in my profile.

The InflatioNation

In February 2007, Scooter resigned as forum moderator and many of his administrator duties within the IN. He did not immediately cite his reasons but it later emerged to have been from the increasing amount of furry drama that had struck the forums. He also later revealed that he will still aid in the running of the site, but take a less direct approach in doing so. On March 14, Dupo announced that Kuya and Tori Belliachi would take lead roles in moderating the forums.

On June 15, 2007, Dupo announced that the site forums would close down; although the galleries and main website would remain open. The forum closed the next day after eight years in operation. A number of replacement forums were founded, the most popular being operated by Alkora. The InflatioNation was eventually redesigned to primarily focus on inflation in the media as the increasing popularity of dedicated furry art websites had seen the gallery fall into disuse. The forums were briefly reopened during this time.

By November 2011, the only remaining portion of the InflatioNation was the archived art gallery. As of August 6, 2014 the InflatioNation had closed entirely.


  • The site was featured on Filter, a show on the G4 television station, on numerous occasions during the 'Net to Know' segment.
  • The IN was an early Link of the Day on Something Awful.

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