The Infinity Chronicles

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The Infinity Chronicles is an Alternative Future science fiction series featuring anthros, aliens, and advanced technology. It's current run spans 5 published novels, though the novel titled Truckin is re-told in the fifth book of the series, "Doomed by one's own history".

The work starts in 238AD on the alien world Marrok, where a discussion between the elders of the world (ne-Gods) on how to save their world from a higher technologically advanced race from extinction. The discussions are turned on their ear when one of the elders announces she has used powers not entirely her own, to become pregnant by the story's main protagonist to hopefully force him to help them in their plight.

Fast forward nearly 2000 years, and we find a recently cashiered fighter pilot, Alex Carlson, looking toward a not too bleak future, finding out he isn't really the son of a local defense contractor, and that his real father left him his old ship, and a slave girl, the aforementioned daughter of the above Marrokian Elder.

Anthros enter the story arc a few years later, and become central to the story line, with quite a few notable stand outs: A tigress with an affinity for bubblegum and a marks woman without equal. A squirrel engineer with skills and traits far in excess of a certain legendary Scottish engineer. A skunk sensor operator with a knack for knife fights. A wolf fighter pilot who later befriends the main protagonists' daughter, becoming her executive officer in the last two books of the series.

The entire series spans nearly 2000 years, and most of the main characters are immortal (Referred to as Eternals). This has several recurring oddities and adventure sub-plots throughout the series' run, culminating in a showdown in 3000, and finally the loss of the mains, or most of the mains at the series end in 3050.

In general, due to the nature of the writings, it qualifies as Anthro-sci fiction, with several other genres interwoven into it's diverse fabric.

Edit Summary: While the above is a bare-bones description of the universe as a whole, it doesn't do the universe justice. Below, is the added thoughts and insights as to the how's and why's of the universe, explained through the 6 volumes that make up the universe as a whole.

Volume One: (sub-titled- "In the Beginning") This is where it all began. The above mentioned Marrokian Elders trying to decide on a course of action, to prevent their destruction at the hands of a racial enemy, the Matriarchal Garshans. Enter the hero, Alex Carlson, a former fighter pilot from Terra. Over the course of this volume, he goes on one mission after another, all while trying to wrap his head around WHY the Marrokians think he's their prophecized 'Chosen One', how he and Cygna fit into it, and how a single man in a 200 year old freighter are supposed to stop some Uber-Tech alien race. He meets many friends along the way, discovers a starship of incredible power with an A.I. that swears it was sent to help him in his battles with the Garshans, and learns an incredible truth.

Volume Two: (sub-titled- "The Defense of Marrok") Now fully in command of the mighty 'Infinity' class warship, which his sister Karen affectionately calls 'the Stu' (Her shortening of the name he gave it {Slower than Infinity, Squared}. He meets his future Chief Engineer, an engineering archeologist named David Anderson, who upon learning who Alex is, begs for a job onboard the Stu, and after being granted that request, gifts Alex a katana of considerable peitence. Further along, we find them in their first scrap with Garshans, and a fight that lands them deep into the past.

Volume Three: (sub-titled- "Truckin'") After the cataclysmic war with the Garshans, (Which everyone assumed we'd won, considering the 'Stu' took the fight to Garshain, and never returned), we find the protagonist flipping burgers at a roadside cafe on the ranching world of Carstairs. He's a shell of his former self, consumed with some irrevocable grief, that is only revealed once his former chief of security and best friend, Cyban, finds him. Prior to this, he attempts to aid another time-crossed traveler, a young teen girl who falls in love with him, and he her. Her death nearly undoes his fragile state however, as he comes to grips with his own hows and whys. After meeting up with Cyban, he leaves the place, as his work isn't quite finished.

Volume Four: (sub-titled- "Just when you thought it was over...") In this volume, we find Alex and his friends, the ones that survived the Eternal Conflict of 3000, on the edge of the Milky Way, at the bombed flat home world of the Galhadians, creators of the 'Stu'. He's taken a new student under his wing, a Galhadian Sorceress of considerable power and unquestioning beauty. Together, he and this student, Amythyst, must convince her people to flee their dying world, before the last of their warrior constructs, the spider-like Vor'Gosh, find them and finish them off. Ericka, astonished by events of the not too distant past, drops a bomb of her own on Alex: He's to be a father yet again, but this time, the child is hers.

Volume Five: (sub-titled- "Exploring the Unknown") With the death of Alex Carlson, saving the Marrokians from themselves and the Vor'Gosh, a huge hole is left in the hearts of those he left behind; Cygna has little trouble coming to grips with his loss, as she's tapped to take on her mother's role in the Pantheon. Ericka is blind-sided for sure, being almost to term with their unborn son. And Amythyst, who's love for him is nearly unequaled amongst all of his friends. His son, who Ericka names Alex, Jr to his and her friends, grows into a near spitting image of his father, taking up the reigns left behind by his legendary father, and trying valiantly to hold everything together, until the last of the Eternal Hunters makes a play that threatens to destroy the very threads of all the remaining societies.

Carlson Chronicle Volume One: (sub-titled- "Rebooting the system. What if?") In the year 3050, Alex discusses what he could have done differently with Anderson, while secreted away in their small lab, Mannis and Iris, the remaining Temporal Engineers of Galhadian Society, watch and ponder along with Alex. Mannis decides to see what Alex would have REALLY done, had Ashia not had so much control over his destiny, and hurtles themselves back through time, arriving at Earth just before a recently cashiered Alex Carlson is to go see Martin Shaw, the lawyer tasked with giving Alex the 'Commercant' left to him by his birth father, Barnard. Instead, Mattie reveals herself to him and Karen after she effectively kidnaps the two of them. His life is never the same...

A note from the Author: The above review is mostly accurate. Here are some references to support the above claims.