The Human Memoirs

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The Human Memoirs is the first online novel written by Greg Howell. It has been featured in Anthro fanzine.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The story begins with Kelly Davies and an army buddy transporting a truckload of weapons and ammunition. They encounter a mysterious form of lightning that abruptly transports them and their vehicle to an alternate reality, where the road they were driving on doesn't exist, resulting in a vehicle accident that kills his buddy. Kelly sets out to explore the area and eventually happens upon what appears to be a feudal encounter between groups of bipedal felines. Kelly intervenes with the M16, he had brought along from the wrecksite. Afterwards he befriends the sole survivor , a female named Tahr, and learns that the catlike race is the Sathe.

Spoilers follow :

Tahr turns out to more than a just a member of the ambushed party. She is the potentional ruler of one of the numerous kingdoms and Kelly´s interventions has now far-reaching consequences. To make matters worse : The weapon he has used has drawn attention to itself and other Kingdoms realize that who-ever holds him, holds the knowledge to this technology and the chance to gain total power over all of Sathe´s kingdoms. By war.

Kelly chooses to remain with Tahr and aid her all he can, at least that brings him a safe haven in Sathe society. Nevertheless : Kelly has to be active in these wargames, some more active than other. When a second human turns up, a women. Things go from lukewarm to burning hot.

Contains some sex, quite graphic violence and, probably the funniest "the-day-after-regrets" sex scene ever written in any furry novel.

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