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The following is a list of packs in the role-playing site Stone Paws.

The Ochoa pack[edit]


The Ochoa pack

Member Count: 3 members

Allies: None
Enemies: Druid, Golden Mist, Volkov
Neutral: None

Founded By: rivals of the Golden Mist pack
Current Leaders: Shadow

The Ochoa pack is said to be sadistic and fierce, and was founded by rivals of Golden Mist. They are simular to the Balkar on The Sight. The leader is Shadow, she is said to be Wolfbanes daughter. The second in command is Azrael, the scout of Ochoa, then there is the Warrior Gretelda. Ochoa is a murderous pack with no mercy for others. The Drappa (alpha) has granted the others powers allowing them to rule above the other packs, they are said to be the strongest pack but they do not show it and prefer to keep their strength a secret.

The Ochoa boundaries are in the mountains mostly, but with a large area of dark forest in the center. The blood river is in a complete circle around the boundaries. The Blood River got its name by all the blood that was spilt in it during the first war. You can see a faint but distinct red that flows through it. All in all Ochoa is a strong Sadistic and fierce pack.

The Druid pack[edit]


The Druid pack

Member Count: 4 members

Allies: Golden Mist, Volkov
Enemies: Ochoa
Neutral: None

Founded By: Six she-wolves
Current Leaders: Snowflame

The druid pack is said to be mysterious and devoting to their faith. They worship the Goddess Tor, the moon goddess. Druid was founded by six she-wolves, which were made up, whom had strange powers similar to that of the sight. Snowflame is the descendent of one of the six, with beta female Liawee related to her.

The Druid pack was founded by a small group of she-wolves whom could cast spells, though others believed they had the sight. The Druid pack was originally called, " Pythia", because the pack only consisted of females. The Drappa was a bold, noble light grey pelted fae called Luperca. The Beta fae was her sister, though her name is unknown, and there were four other pack members, the youngest being barely a year old, called Shadowsnow, the great great great grandmother of the current Drappa. When Shadowsnow was three years of age, Luperca and two of her sisters (one of them being the Beta) went out hunting and never returned. The remaining three females decided that the oldest, Selene, should be Drappa. Shadowsnow and the other sister, whose name is unknown, set out to look for other pack members. One night, Shadowsnow was out on her own when she met a male wolf of her age whom was looking for a mate. They mated, but the male, whose name was known only as "Casanova" was driven away by Selene, but soon Shadowsnow gave birth to three cubs; one male and two females. The male was named Druid, and he was to become the Dragga of the Druid pack, named after himself. His mate was from the far North, and she gave birth to three litters of pups while she lived. Druid died, leaving the Beta male, Tyche, and his mate from the Druid pack, Spirit, Druid's daughter, in charge. Unfortunately, Spirit was murdered by her daughter, Claw-eye, and Claw-eye banished all of them except a few of them; Tyche, whom became her mate, Shadowflame, her sister, and her mate Trovk. Shadowflame was the grandmother of Snowflame. Shadowflame and Trovk overthrew Claw-eye and Tyche, and ruled the Druid pack in peace and serenity. Shadowflame gave birth to Shadowsnow, and herself and her mate Lowell had the litter which held Snowflame, Moonlight Eyes and Freki.

Druids are sworn enemies of Ochoa, but are secret allies with Volkov, and allies with Golden Mist. Snowflame is the mate of the dragga Fellack, whom is the dragga of Golden Mist. Moonlight Eyes is the Lead Warrior of Druid, Liawee is the beta female, and Nika is the scout.

The Volkov pack[edit]


The Volkov Pack

Member Count: 4 members

Allies: Druid
Enemies: Golden Mist, Ochoa
Neutral: None

Founded By: Talar
Current Leaders: Talar and Gunner

The four founders, it all began with Talar a bearer of the sight, she started the reputation for Volkov, and she had her own plans much different from the other ways of Druid, Golden Mist and Ochoa, Though she was friends with the other packs, they mistook her lead in the pack as an act of evil or rebellion, Talar insisted new land, for the dried-out lands were nothing but horrid. She cussed and snarled for different land, but the other lands were already used up. So Talar came up with a nasty attitude, and came to give Volkov well-... not the best reputation, it's not known for it's kindness. So at one of the many gatherings she declared that either you be a Neutral pack or a Rival pack to hers, for she found no trust from the other packs for any longer. Thus leading to arguments that night, causing to loose friendship with Fellack and Shadow.

Though her pack seemed to be a ruthless, unruly or respectful pack, it was actually more of a family of love sticking and surviving together. Once she found her mate Gunner it all seemed to come together, her anger soothed as her pack seemed to grow stronger in hope and pride. The main element to the pack would be Trust, it is a long ways to come from a kerl to joining. But she kept her pack to look as an evil place, to remind kerls and other packs, that the Volkov are strong and don't give up too easily, and telling tales of previous wars in the Volkov lands like in the dark forest just to scare the young'uns.

Volkov has recently shown many prides to win over the other packs, the seals are hard and unbendable to the law of the Varg. Now with new members, a strong future will be claimed for Volkov, will Talar take advantage of this and cause for revenge, or will things be delt differently? Perhaps all these lonely days in the dark forest lead to her realising what she only really wanted, love, and acception, learned thanks to her mate and a wonderful white friend Snowflame. Though she knows that this will'nt end without a blood shed, but of who?

The Golden Mist pack[edit]

Golden Mist[edit]

The Golden Mist pack

Member Count: 2 members

Allies: Druid
Enemies: Ochoa, Volkov
Neutral: None

Founded By: unknown
Current Leaders: Fellack

The last generation of Varg brought forth the Golden Mist pack to bring justice, peace, and a new home to the good-hearted wolves of Transylvania. The Transylvanian Justification pack was founded on these traits, followed by the pack's unwavering bravery in the fight, the hunt, and each packmembers' immortal need to help and protect each member of their family; even if that meant putting their lives at risk to help another. Through a year or more the pack flourished, and after that year the pack had decided to modify their pack name from the Transylvanian Justification to the Golden Mist- which matched both the surrounding environment and what each member of the pack felt in their heart. Not long after the transformation of the Golden Mist pack, a rival pack that had risen in secrecy to them, the cold-hearted Ochoa, declared war after a member of the Golden Mist pack wandering too closely to their territory. During the war, this of which lasted 3 years, the alpha of Golden Mist, Sheklov, was murdered by his own people who were persuaded by the Ochoa to join the evil pack. Without an alpha the Golden Mist soon crumbled, and along with the other three packs soon lost their first generation, making Transylvania a pack-less land. It wan't until Fellack arrived that the Golden Mist was reborn.

When Fellack arrived, all that was left of Golden Mist was a group of helpers from The Old Golden Mist and they old Fellack of Golden Mist's history, and its ways. Fellack took on this information and knowledge and formed the new Golden Mist pack. Fellack took on the role of Dragga (alpha), also taking on the intentions of freedom for all Varg- liberty and the rights that his father strove to fight for. At this time Fellack had not know who his father was, but after a message from his hawk helper, Skhartok, he was about to find out.

Fellack traveled deep into the Dark Mountains that bordered his pack from Volkov, and with a few days of hunting and climbing and fighting, he finally reached the peak, where a vision was given to him. Here he found the truth of his father, and his father's legendary name: Fell.

Fellack was startled when he found the truth of his father, and was hurried to get back, for the first meeting with the alphas had begun. When Fellack arrived at the Druid lake, he quarreled with Shadow, whose intentions were ill-treated towards the free-varg and of his own. Fellack knew she wanted slavery, injustice, and extermination to Varg like him. She felt herself supreme to him and others, and took her own side as hostile to all of the packs. Fellack made neutral agreements with Talar, and made allies with Snowflame, whose relation with Fellack was about to get stronger after they met at the base of the Dark Mountains.

Here they told eachother of their feelings for one another, and basically took on the role of Dragga and Drappa, only in two different packs. Agreements are being arranged as you read of joining packs at the end of the war, possibly to create and Omega- like pack. (ooh, that's a big pack). Either that, or one alpha will leave their pack and join the other.

After their encounter and travel to the Templar Varg for an adventure, Fellack arrived and met her at the Volkov war meeting, where the second discussion was being held. This one went a lot smoother- some apologizes were made, land was given to friends and neutrals (Fellack agreed to share some land and be more lenient on his boundaries), and the alphas, well, got along and agreed.

After that meeting, Fellack met an old wolf named Raw Bones met with Fellack and agreed to join his pack. Raw was searching for a place to live, reside, and be safe from the war. Fellack was happy to accept him as Storyteller, and welcome him as the first member (besides him) of Golden Mist.

Fellack returned from meeting Raw to find Gun, the Dragga of Volkov, wandering around, and welcomed him to a meeting. Fellack and Gun spoke of their packs, making sure Talar did not despise him like his old friend Shadow now did. They began to ponder about the mystery of Fellack's father and family, when they were interrupted by a kerl named October. Unfortunately, she had come in ill content, at which Fellack got so enraged when she spoke of his pack in a demeaning way, and spoke ignorantly of Fellack without prior knowledge of his kerl past. Fellack told her about how Golden Mist is not good, how they are not a "light" pack. Instead, they too have their dark side, their sadistic impulses, and their bloodlust and surge in the hunt. Fellack blew the stereotyped Golden Mist out of the water and informed her of their true intentions; how they will fight, kill, and even slaughter if it benefits their needs (if it comes to that).


Fellack growled a dark, low growl that none might have expected from one of Golden Mist. "Let me ask you, you poor, unfortunate crying pup? What do you think of Golden Mist? Do you stereotype "freedom and love" to be our way? Do you think us all mindless lera whom wander into a pack, calling ourselves family and howling happy tunes of ignorance? DO YOU FIND US LIGHT OR GOOD, SAINTS OR RIGHTEOUS? I would as soon kill any as willingly as those pathetic cur of Ochoa. I too feel the bloodlust as we all do, the strength in hunt, I enjoy slaughter as much as the rest!" A thick, dark glaze swept slowly over Fellack's eyes, until they, like the daemons, glowed a fiery red. "Golden Mist is not good, it is what I want it to be! Us outcasts, us varg looking for a more suitable life, we want freedom for us and what the Varg should deserve, and if we are willing to fight for it, than SO BE IT! Go now, ignorant kerl, sulk in your past, pity your own life. I only hope you can find protection when pathetic Ochoa seek out the need to shed blood. I only hope the blood will not include yours. Goodbye, poor fae, and Larka's Blessings." Fellack was done with pretending he was the "good guy". With a deep howl, his eyes hazed back to their original gold. He would make his first move as the leader of Golden Mist. And as he padded slowly back to his den, murder was on his mind.


Fellack traveled to the Northern Mountains, both continuing recruitment, and following the scent of Talar, for there was something he wanted to tell her. Fellack met both Talar and a Kerl, Eros, at the bottom of a hill. Fellack spoke to Talar about not wanting to fight with her and about still feeling friendship towards her, like from their adventures in their past. He spoke of how Shadow was a common enemy, but she must not be killed because the purpose is to save her from herself and what she thinks she is. Talar responded that they would still be friends, and ally to bring down Shadow, and that Golden Mist and Volkov would not fight. Fellack agreed, and both Talar and Fellack suggested Eros join a pack. Talar suggested Golden Mist (fitting Eros' personality), and Fellack left, allowing Talar and Eros to talk. Eros is currently deciding which pack to join.

Fellack met Talar at The Secluded Valley with the rest of her pack. Talar had not told them of their newfound alliance, so it was a bit awkward when Fellack arrived. At this time Raw was the only other member, and obviously too old to fight, so the rest of Volkov thought it would be them against Fellack in a battle. When Talar greeted him, saying they would travel to fight Ochoa soon. She followed this by telling her pack that they were allies. When Talar thought about her fate (what would happen to her during the fight, that she would die), Fellack's Sight picked up her thoughts (his version is somewhat stronger and has more powers than the average Sight, since Fell, his father, had had the Dark Powers of the Sight when he was Wolfbane, and passed them on to Fellack). After recovering from this shock, Fellack gave a pre-war speech to Volkov:

"I know this must all be new to you, and I apologize for not telling you of our plan, but it was just conceived so recently. I hope we can all be friends." Fellack wagged his tail. He wasn't thinking about what he just learned anymore. "We all need to understand, though, that we do not want wolves to die today. None of us are good, and none of us are evil. We are what we are, and we fight for what we believe. We have unknown differences, both within and between our packs, but we need to forget those at this time where we must join to defeat a common enemy. Shadow must not die, for the purpose of her defeat is to save her from what she thinks she is. She is not evil, but confused. And we must show her that she is not what she thinks- even if wolves do have to die." -Fellack, pre-war speech

In the end, as of current, Golden Mist is in an alliance with Volkov to fight Ochoa