The Gods' Pack

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The Gods' Pack
Author(s) Sarah Sawyer
Update schedule Mondays
Launch date September 2005

The Gods' Pack is a webcomic which started on September 30, 2005. The comic

The Gods' Pack
takes place in ancient Ireland, when man still lived in close knit Pagan communities and the wolves had a close relationship with the gods. Wolf packs are given powers from the dieities they serve, those blessed with these powers are the male pups occasionally born to their immortal mothers.[1]
The Gods' Pack

The creator, Sarah Sawyer, is also the artist of the webcomic Beyond Rapture, which ended.

The site relaunched and began updating again on March 1st, 2014 after an extended hiatus.

The site is now down as of August 14th, 2015, as the domain expired. The site is now turned to an advertisement parking spot.


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