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The Giants' Club is the main macrophile hangout and also a story archive on FurryMUCK. The club is owned by Arilin and frequented by many members of the forums. The club is meant to be an IC place for giants as well as normal-sized furries who wish to be around giants. The club is intended to be social rather than fetish-focused, although there are certainly many regulars who are into macrophilia as well as paws or vore. However, visitors are expected to remain IC and to keep to a PG-13 rating. The club also has a "back" area with no size or rating restriction for characters tagged as adults.

The club can be reached on FurryMUCK by the following commands:

tport lc

The club is usually busiest in the evenings US time and quietest in the wee (pun intended) hours of the morning and through weekday afternoons. Weekends can see crowds in the club hours earlier and later than typical on weekdays.

The Giants' Club has been on FurryMUCK since 1997.[1]

"The Giants' Club" is also the name of Arilin's web site, which primarily serves as an archive of her stories and essays, and accompanying illustrations.


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