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The Gathering of the Gargoyles was a convention that was founded in 1997 for fans of Disney's Gargoyles series and ran until 2009 where a declining attendance and funds put an end to its 13-year run. While not specifically a furry convention, the strong anthropomorphic themes in the series made this convention of interest to some furries.


  • The gathering for 1997 was held June 19 to 21 in New York City with an attendance of about 80.
  • The gathering for 1998 was held August 14 to 17 in New York City with an attendance of about 100.
  • The gathering for 1999 was held June 25 to 27 in Dallas, Texas with an attendance of about 150.
  • The gathering for 2000 was held August 4 to 6 in Orlando, Florida with an attendance of about 225.
  • The gathering for 2001 was held June 22 to 25 in Los Angeles, California with an attendance of about 380.
  • The gathering for 2002 was held June 28 to 30 in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
  • The gathering for 2003 was held June 27 to 29 in in New York City.
  • The gathering for 2004 was held August 6 to 8 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with an attendance of about 300.
  • The gathering for 2005 was held July 29 to August 1 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • The gathering for 2006 was held June 23 to 26 in Los Angeles, California. Over 350 attended.
  • The gathering for 2007 was held June 22 to 25 at Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains.
  • The gathering for 2008 was held June 27 to 30 in Chicago, Illinois.
  • The gathering for 2009 was held August 21 to 24 in Los Angeles, California. The 2009 convention concluded the Gathering's 13-year run, following a steady decline in attendance[1][2] and the indefinite freeze on SLG's publishing run of the Gargoyles comic book series.

Rumors of continuation[edit]

It has been rumored that given Califur's Guest of Honor this year (Kythera), those that had previously attended The Gathering are being welcomed into this Southern California furry convention. A few posts have been made on station eight in regards to this rumor. One by an offical Califur staff member.


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  2. Last Gathering, by Gargoyles creator Greg Weisman

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