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Whamadoodles Online is the common name of a parody created by Remus Shepherd for the now-defunct gaming website SlowNewsDay.net (previously LumtheMad.net). The actual title of the parody was The Game Producers.

Parody premise[edit]

It roughly followed the plot of the movie/musical The Producers, in that two game producers decide to create an abyssmally bad game in order to profit from its failure.

The game they produced was called Whamadoodles Online, which they introduced as having character concept art by Doug Winger, who is generally credited with coining the term whamadoodles.

"Game" premise[edit]

Whamadoodles Online was to be a hypersexualized game about hermaphrodites fighting against a dominion of tyrannical Nazi heterosexuals. Fake screenshots of the game were created by photoshopping Winger's artwork into screenshots from real Massively-Multiplayer Online Games, and were displayed as part of mocked-up reviews from gaming sites.

It was primarily a parody of Anarchy Online and WWII Online, with a few jabs at other popular games of the day.

Doug Winger's comment[edit]

Doug Winger was not asked for permission to use his artwork, however he graciously provided it after giving them the following warning:

Whamadoodles Online
Dear sir:

I just looked upon what you have wrought. Very well done.

Be that as it may, what brings me to write to you is that I want to inform you that if, perchance, a horde of shrieking lawyers suddenly leap out of their hiding places to carry off every bit of real property you own and then begin to remove your internal organs for sale on the used organ transplant market to recover their value, it wasn't me, 'kay? Just in case it happens. Not that it will, so don't bother peeking in the closet.


Whamadoodles Online

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