The Fuzzies

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The Fuzzies
Author(s) SoftDiamond, StormPup, Goodrichtires
Status Active/Under Development
Launch date April 2021
Genre Chat and Culture
Web PG
Web NC-17

The Fuzzies is a Telegram[1] and Discord[2] group aimed at giving the furry community a safe environment that users can feel comfortable and at home in which to discuss various topics, such as to fursuiting and gaming culture. It features both a SFW, and a seperate NSFW community.

As of the end of March 2021, it has 600+ members.


In July of 2016, The Fuzzies began originally as a completely seperate chat, which hovered around 500 members for a couple of years until receiving new ownership in November 2020, of which the chat would start to grow faster slightly. As of mid-April 2021, has been split into a community that includes several Telegram chats, and a Discord chat that are said to release near the end of April 2021.

Staff Team[edit]

The current staff team consists of only a few staff members:


1. Treat all members and staff with respect.

2. No spamming the chat.

3. Cursing is ok, just keep it to a minimum.

4. Any topic related to politics, religion, social justice or other critical theme is to be kept to a minimum, and should not be discussed.

5. We understand drama will occur, however we implore you to do your best to resolve the situation before staff need to get involved.

6. If you have any problems with the staff, please contact a Chat Manager of the chat.

7. We reserve the right to ban those who cause problems, including those outside our ruleset. We try not to be too strict but we do not tolerate those who mean our community harm.

8. Do not be obnoxious in voice chats.


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