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The Furry Times is a amateur newsletter, which brings news, facts, history, and interactive polls to the furry fandom. It was created by Shawn Strüngmon who is also the designer, writer, and journalist.

About The Founder[edit]

The founder, Shawn Strüngmon, has experience in writing romance novels, and action novels; however, only as a hobby and not having any indication of publication for commercial use. Currently the age of 15, he continues to write at a college level. With no journalist experience, he wanted to try and write a newsletter for his entertainment, to entertain, and inform others.

History of The Furry Times[edit]

The Founder of The Furry Times, Shawn Strüngmon has no experience in journalism, and founded the Furry Times at just the age of 13; however, uses The Furry Times as practice and a hobby; However, The Furry Times gradually improved with time due to experience gain in writing. The Furry Times started mid spring, in 2014, the first article containing information of a community profile, reaching 2 thousand subscribers. In March, The Furry Times was posted in two locations, a free community app, Ifunny, and a website called Furaffinity. During 2015, Shawn attempted to recruit staff, to help produce more quality articles, however it was proven a flop, as it soon became more disorganized. The group was disbanded shortly after

Inspiration of The Furry Times[edit]

"I recently heard this awesome news about my favorite profile hitting two thousand subscribers, i just had to tell everyone!" Shawn said, he wrote on his ipod notes, "The Furry Times ;3" as a top priority. It became a smashing hit, with almost 100 average likes/thumbs up on the first article.

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