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Furry Forums is a community created in November 2006 for the 3D chat program IMVU. It was started in November 2006, and had 338,663 posts in 5,228 threads by 1,857 members as of 2009 October 5.[1] It had 1,520,503 posts in 19,939 threads by 8,835 members as of 2016 January 27.[2] It has since branched out and become a general furry forum, though still pertains to IMVU and general roleplay.

The forums provides a showcase for developers of furry-based items, tutorials on how to use IMVU, and a program to help beginning developers of items such as eyes, skins, and tails for the IMVU servers.

There are also serious and playful roleplay sections, a board for the developers, texturers and meshers, general chat, links, and art. The forums apear to be not working from 24th of july 2016 for unknown reasons.



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