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A Furry Dictionary is a list of terms exclusive to the furry community in general. Several active and inactive are present through the fandom.

Cloudchaser Sakonige's furry dictionary[edit]

Built and maintained by Cloudchaser Sakonige", it is a text document containing his own definitions and definitions which others submitted between September and October 2000.[1] It appears to have been discontinued after February 2008.

Address: http://www.cloudchasershaconage.furtopia.org/furrydef.txt - retrieved via the Wayback Machine.

Captain Packrat's furry dictionary[edit]

Built and maintained by Captain Packrat, it's currently online.

Address: http://captainpackrat.com/furry/furry3.htm

Simo's new furry's dictionary[edit]

Built and maintained by Simo, it's currently online.

Address: http://www.furrydolphin.net/furry-dict.html

Furry Grand Central's A Furry Glossary[edit]

Built and maintained by Jurann, it's currently online at Furry Grand Central website. Definitions written by Jurann and others.

Address: http://www.furcen.org/fgc/glossary.html

Avoonix' Furry Dictionary[edit]

Built and maintained by Avoonix, it's currently online.

Address: https://the-furry-dictionary.avoonix.com/

Source: https://github.com/avoonix/the-furry-dictionary

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