The Furry Den

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The Furry Den

Author(s) Founder: Calmcacil
Launch date November 2008 (First launch)

April 2011 (Relaunch)

End date March 2011 (First launch)

Ongoing (Relaunch)

Genre Furry web community.
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The Furry Den was a forum community that specialized in roleplaying situations with furry themed content. As of mid-2011, it was down for an extended period of time before coming back up in late 2012.


The Furry Den was officially launched in November of 2008. The forum has been struggling to get active members, a lot of people have signed up to lurk the forums, eventually leaving, over time this has been the major concerns of the forum. Due to lack of members the forums tend to have bursts of activity then silence for a while before a new burst of activity comes up. While trolls were an issue early in the forum's life the trolls eventually got bored of their failed attempts and thus the forums are much more open for people to post. The administration team does a good job in keeping the boards clean, not that it is a big issue due to the low activity. The forums are still running despite all of the minor issues and over time there has been no real desire to give up on the project, however the administration team are well aware that something needs to be done to encourage activity in the boards.


The Furry Den
My goal with The Furry Den has always been to try to create a friendly community where furries can discuss things related to the fandom, their lives, or simply just talk with people about anything really. While the goal might be harder to reach than I first anticipated, I hope that one day I will see The Furry Den turn out to what I always saw in my mind when I thought of what I wanted to create.
The Furry Den


Extra info[edit]

The Furry Den is powered by vBulletin™ version 4, the internet forum software, with interactive systems to facilitate and interact with other members. There are several customization to the software and additional features added on top of the vBulletin Core. And the webmaster is always willing to add features to the boards if users have something they would like to see added, as long as it is within his abilities to do so.

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