The Furry Commandos

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The Furry Commandos
Author(s) Ryan
Update schedule Offline
Launch date 2005
End Date November 17, 2009
Genre Action

The Furry Commandos was a fictional fan-made universe series created by a friendship-square of four friends: Marcus Love, Drew Draco, Marwan Zahri, and Ryan. The four used their fursonas in the Furry Commandos setting (sometimes abbreviated F/C). The four designed their characters' abilities and history. Their designs are closely related to the Sonic the Hedgehog universe, although it is obvious that the series takes place on planet Earth in the not-too-distant future, (roughly the year 2020). Also, unlike other such "super hero" stories, the Furry Commandos are known to be within their over-the-hill age group. Also, their mere existence is a closely guarded secret within the span of the stories.


Drew Draco, creator of the furry character and commando Drew Draco, came up with the idea watching future warfare documentaries in 2005 and wanted to use that technology within a group of friends of his. He recruited his friends, Ryan (furry character by the same name) and Marwan Zahri (furry character named Marwan Green Critter), to use their furry characters for his "Furry Commandos" and they agreed. Ryan suggested his friend, Marcus (furry character named Marcus the Hedgehog) as the team leader and his best friend Matt Wiernasz (furry character by the same name) as the team commander. After Drew organized the team, Ryan designed the combat uniforms and assigned them weapons that would be used in 15 years prior to 2005. At the same time, the four designed their histories and abilities, thus creating the Furry Commandos:

Name Position Background
Colonel Matt Wiernasz Commander Marine Force Recon; CIA Special Activities Division
Marcus the Hedgehog Team Leader Army Special Forces; Delta Force; SWAT
Drew Draco Demolitions/Medic Air Force EOD; Pararescue Jumper; Delta Force
Marwan Green Critter Communications Spetsnaz; OMAN
Ryan Scout/Sniper Navy SEALs

The Furry Commandos personnel[edit]

So far, there are five personnel within the Furry Commandos unit.

Marcus the Hedgehog[edit]

Marcus the Hedgehog was born shy a few years before future-Furry Commando Ryan, and the two grew up together as great friends. Marcus is a dark-green hedgehog and his muzzle and arms are dark brown, almost a recolor of Sonic the Hedgehog. Marcus attended UCLA and graduated with a Masters in Criminal Justice. However, he barely missed the requirements to get into the Los Angeles Police Department so he joined the United States Army instead as a Military Police Officer. Two years as an MP, he was recruited to Fort Benning, Georgia to undergo training to be a 75th Ranger. After a term serving with the Rangers, he requested to go into Special Forces. After the harsh training at Camp Mackall, he became a Green Beret. He served under the 3rd Special Forces Group for a few years before he was approached by Delta Force recruiters. He took the offer and, after passing the grueling training, was one of five out of over 125 to pass the Delta Force training (another one of the ones that passed happened to be Drew Draco). After spending ten years in the Army, he discharged and attempted to join LAPD again, which he was accepted. Marcus spend four years on the NARCO Division. After the September 11th attacks, Marcus requested to join LAPD SWAT which he passed with flying colors. He quickly rose to the rank of Sergeant and became 40-David of the LAPD's D-Platoon.

Drew Draco[edit]

Drew Draco was born a half-fox/half-demon. He self-taught mostly everything military related by being trained by his old fighting force, called the Arcadia Champions. With his group, he excelled in various techniques, especially the use of explosives. When he turned 18, Drew requested to take a long vacation after he slayed his demon father. During his vacation, he join the United States Air Force and entered in the training field to be a combat medic. Just after his first term (four years), Drew requested to stay and joined the Air Force's Explosives Ordinance Disposal (E.O.D.). Due to his demon half, he gained a medium-large body build and decided to use his strength and knowledge to good use. He later joined the Air Force's Special Operations Command, Pararescue Jumpers. Drew was deployed on combat rescue missions from Kosovo to Kuwait. After eight years with the PJ's, he was recruited by the Department of Defense to be on their elite counter-terrorist unit, Delta Force. There, he was put under Marcus' command as a senior NCO. Marcus introduced him to Ryan. Early in the Delta year, there was a Spetsnaz operation to recover a Russian General. Moscow asked the on-site Delta and SEAL teams (the same ones with Marcus, Drew, and Ryan) to assist Spetsnaz on their operation. The Spetsnaz leader happened to be Marwan and they all became fast friends. Drew spent the rest of his military career on Delta Force and kept contact with Marcus, Marwan, and Ryan.

Marwan Green Critter[edit]

Marwan Green Critter is a small unique furry character. He is the physically weakest and smallest of the group, but he is the smartest and the best hand-to-hand fighter of the group. He grew up on the other side of the planet from the other future Furry Commandos. He did not actually have an interest in joining the military, but he did so after hearing about how they could pay for his college education. Marwan join the Russian Ground Forces as a computer technician and a communications specialist. Once he left after one term, he enrolled in college, unknowing about what major he wanted. After two years in college, Marwan joined the college's R.O.T.C. program and was there for four years. Once done, he re-joined the army and got better carrers deeper in computers and the communication fields. Marwan would have stayed in that field if he didn't get into a fight with a Spetsnaz in a locker room dispute. Marwan's intense hand-to-hand combat skills easily overpowered the huge soldier, but was court-martialed for fighting. The Spetsnaz he fought was removed from the combat field and given a desk job and Marwan himself was removed from the communications field. Although the Judge Advocate was impressed with his fighting abilities, he ordered Marwan to undergo Spetsnaz training. If he failed, he would be given a sanitation job for the remainder of his career. However, Marwan passed and became a Spetsnaz team leader. He first saw combat a year later after the Soviet withdrawl from Afghanistan. After a few years with the Spetsnaz, and several medals including the Russian Order of Courage, Marwan left the army and joined his country's OMON, where his hand-to-hand and knife skills came in to good use. Within a year with the agency, he entered in the "Black Berets" where he prevented a classified amount of anti-terrorism intelligence leaks and even stopped the assassination of the American Secretary of Defense.


Chief Petty Officer Ryan is a black echidna whom is pretty much a recolor of Knuckles the Echidna. Ryan grew up in the northern regions of America, along with his best friend, Marcus. Ryan finished high school and instantly joined the United States Marine Corps. There, he learned how to swim and exercise. After spending a few years in the Marines undergoing infantry and martial arts training, he transferred to the Navy, his real dream. Instantly after joining, he immediately joined BUD/S Class 193 to become a Navy SEAL. He first saw combat on SEAL Team FOUR in Panama during Operation Just 'Cause (he was one of the SEALs tasked to destroy Noriega's plane on Punta Patilla Airport as part of Operation Nifty Package). Ryan quickly developed a passion for killing and his biggest strength is his marksmanship and stealth. He then furthered his education by going to the Navy's Advanced Marksmanship School (Sniper School). He soon became a Navy SEAL sniper. Months later, he joined in several operations in South America, traveling with the 1st Marine Force Reconnaissance Division and became a recipient of the Navy Cross. In 1997, Ryan was recruited to be on the Navy's counter terrorism unit, DEVGRU, in time for Operation Tango which was joint-operation between SEALs and the British S.A.S. to capture Simo Drljaca, but it resulted in Drljaca's death. After the September 11th attacks, he operated in the War in Afghanistan. He then became a CQB instructor for future DEVGRU students.

Colonel Matt Wiernasz[edit]

Matt Wiernasz is a tall black hedgehog with a cool-under-fire personality. In 1985, he attended the Annapolis Naval Academy right after high school. He graduated top of his class in 1989 and spent several years in the United States Marine Corps infantry units. He's a natural leader, leading by example. During Operation Just Cause, he was part of the 3rd Battalion 6th Marines. After Just Cause, his unit was selected to be part of Operation Desert Storm to overthrow Saddam Hussein. After Desert Storm, he requesting to attend training with Marine Force Recon, the United States Marine Corps Special Forces unit. After his training with Force Recon, he was selected to become part of Operation Restore Hope in Mogadishu, Somalia. From that point on, Matt realized he wanted to start his own Counter-Terrorist Special Operation unit consisting of multinational counter-terrorists. He devised a way to literally strength someone's muscles and reflexes without the dangers of steroids and developed a training exercise that combined all of the top traits of multiple Special Forces units in the world. He presented his idea to President Clinton who gave Matt the secrets to literally embed knowledge into soldiers but it was too dangerous if the soldier was still awake, but safe if someone was in a coma. Matt's idea was patented through the CIA who granted Matt permission for his "Furry Commandos" if he can find several soldiers in a coma. At a young age, he was promoted to the rank of Colonel in time for Operation Enduring Freedom. Then, during an aircraft carrier tour, he found the living bodies of four Special Ops soldiers in comas, thus giving him the green-light for his Furry Commandos unit. While the commandos were getting prepared, he joined the CIA and enlisted in their Special Activities Division teams. Matt operated in all seven continents on heavily classified operation. After many years, his Furry Commandos were founded.

Creation of the Furry Commandos[edit]

Base and Equipment[edit]

The Furry Commandos headquarters are held in Moyock, North Carolina, home of Blackwater Worldwide. In fact, the Furry Commandos regularly use Blackwater's training facilities to train themselves. The aircraft they use is a VTOL troop transport plane, a variant of the V-22 Osprey, outfitted with turbo jet engines. The plane is called the "Cargo Bat."


Saving Christmas[edit]

After a series of terrorist bombings at heavily-themed Christmas locations during the last week of November, the CIA, FBI, and Furry Commandos suspect that something big is going to happen during the Christmas season. Very promptly, word gets out that Santa Claus has been captured and his castle raided by an unknown militia led by nemesis Burgermeister Meisterburger. The Furry Commandos are deployed to Greenland and the North Pole to uncover Santa's location and why the Burgermeister waited until now to strike.

Team Two[edit]

During the events of "Empty Quiver," Matt Wiernasz was ordered by the U.N. to create a second Furry Commandos team. They gave him Josh Palmwood, Wolfgang Rommel, and Eddie Starr to start because he previously worked with them. Eventually, Matt came up with the following team members:

Name Position Speciality Background Nationality
Josh Palmwood Team Leader Team Leader Marine Force Recon; FBI Hostage Rescue Team American
Wolfgang Rommel Alpha Fireteam Leader Heavy Gunner German KSK; GSG 9 German
Ophir Kilbaba Alpha 1 Rifleman Sayeret Matkal Israeli
Yugo Fujiyama Alpha 2 Grenadier 1st Airborne Brigade; Special Assault Team Japanese
Tanya Serdadu Alpha 3 Sniper Pasukan Gerakan Khas Malay
Eddie Starr Bravo Fireteam Leader Sniper Special Air Service British
Sun Kwon Bravo 1 Rifleman White Tiger South Korean
Jean Baudelaire Bravo 2 Grenadier Naval Commandos; GIGN French
Sergei Romanov Bravo 3 Heavy Gunner Naval Spetsnaz Russian