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The Furcyclopedia Transformica is a Dictionary and Resource database for anything related to furry and transformations.

As of august 12 2018, the sites domain is for sale(sites down)

The Furcyclopedia Transformica[edit]

The site is divided into several sections.

Transformation Terms (A to Z)
Terminology related to transformation in the physical level (such as shapeshifting) and any furry related terms associated with it (including slang like 'taurs'.)
Common Abbreviations
A short list of the more common abbreviations used by those into transformations.
Furry Terms
A mini dictionary of commonly used furry terms.
Japanese Terms
Common Japanese or Manga related terms found around the web, and often used by furry and transformation fans.
TF Central
A direct link to TF Central, a free hosting site for transformation web pages.

Other Reference Websites[edit]

A list of links to additional furry and transformation Resources.

Last updated in 2003,

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