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Freaky Furry Friends
"The Freaky Furry Friends" original logo designed by Rubbertex Cooper
Host(s) Stina Kitsune, Manda Panda, JP Sylvrwolfe
Update schedule Weekly
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Launch date  ??? (March 2006)

Freaky Furry Friends is a weekly furry podcast with topics centered around gaming and furry fandom. It is produced and created by, and stars, three young twenty-somethings based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA: Stina Kitsune, Manda Panda and JP Sylvrwolfe.

Tagline: We are the Freaky Furry Friends - here to fuck with your mind and screw with your soul just a little bit more. For the next hour, we will be taking you on a trip through eveything WE find amusing, annoying, and interesting. You are in for the ride of your life when we unleash all that is furry in our own unique comedic style.

In mid 2007, they added a new comment line / call in line through The freaks can now be reached at 1 - 909 - 297 - 5170


The show started in early 2006, being aired originally on the Gaming Uncensored site as a short segment. However, in mid-March 2006, the team expanded to a full podcast, also available via the iTunes Music Store. Typically, shows are posted on Thursdays, and are roughly an hour in length. A compilation CD of the past shows is currently being developed, and while the CD has suffered delays from printing issues, and the Freaks are trying to get it up and out to consumers ASAP, there is nothing stopping anyone from grabbing the old shows online.

In September 2006 Freaky Furry Friends joined the line-up of shows on The Furry Broadcasting Corporation (FBC). It is played at 7pm EST, 4pm PST, and at 12am GMT on Saturdays.

Now on, where live podcasting and call ins are made possible as of February 23, 2007.

A second RSS feed was added in late march, commemorating the one year anniversary. The second show, dubbed "The Freaky Furry Screening Room", is dedicated completely to the trio's movie commentaries.

On August 2nd 2008, the Freaky Furry Friends Archive project was started by JP at the request of multiple fans. Seasons I, II, and III are now being posted on mevio as individual feeds, and can be found easily through Mevio and ZUNE Marketplace. Always updates on Fridays, usually around midday.

Topics and format[edit]

Show format is freeform discussion, but also tends to be topical, containing adult material. Freaky Furry Friends should be considered to have explicit content. Listener requests, voicemail, and written comments are often included in the broadcast.

Topics center around furry & gaming, and may include a myriad of subjects such as current events, web site reviews, fandom news, popular role-playing games, videogames, MMORPGs, re-enactments or LARPs, podcasting, audio dramas, and even a few political and religious discussions or shared opinions (otherwise known as "rants and raves".)


Out of studio appearances by the Freaky Furry Friends:

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