The Flagon's Tale

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The Flagon's Tale is a meeting location in the muck SPR. Although originally intended as an adult-only location for "herms, taurs, and [their] friends," the location has changed to a generic PG-13 place where there is rarely a herm or taur in sight. That condition may, however, owe more to a lack of herms and taurs in the general population of SPR than anything else.

The theme is generally archaic, although how it is archaic varies: English, American, French, and Japanese features are freely combined in the descriptions. Although it was once frequented only by friends and family of the proprietor, lately its popularity has grown quite a bit and it is often more populous than Knuth Park. The core of regular patrons, however, remains in general a circle of friends and family centering around the proprietor and her mates.

The PG-13 rating is more loosely enforced than that of the Park's, but furs wishing to engage in adult-oriented activity are encouraged to go to the Playroom area so as not to disturb other patrons.

In-setting background[edit]

The 'setting' of the Flagon's Tale is an alternate-reality Earth. The building that the Tale is currently in was built as a kiln in late 19th century. The builders -- a beaver and his herm wife -- were not approved of by the community.

A few generations after the building was abandoned, it was renovated and turned into a tavern.


To get to The Flagon's Tale in SPR, use the command bus tft, and then read the rules before entering.

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