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The Fauna Project is a group of furries working for the promotion, creation and performance of furry music, and musical projects.

Their current goal is to produce an audio CD, the Fauna CD, described on their web site. With this project, they intend to collaborate with other musicians in the furry community.

The last CD of this kind, Furry Fantasies II, was created almost seven years ago, and the people who were involved back then are largely involved this time, too. However, Eurofurence XI and other events have shown that there are more and other talents in the fandom. The Fauna Project would like to support all of that, and provide a way to publish their songs and music. And with style, too.

Submitting songs[edit]

To submit a song, read the song submission guidelines at the Fauna Project web site. Musicians are required to provide full, non-exclusive distribution, performance and reproduction rights. Submissions need not be in a finished form. Sketches and demos are welcome, and if necessary, the Fauna Project will assist in producing, arranging and recording the songs. Performing musicians are also welcome, especially strings, various percussion, brass and woodwinds.

Current status[edit]

About half of the material for the first CD production is already submitted. More material is needed. Future CDs are in an early stage of planning. Recording and mixing in studio is yet to be done.

The Fauna Project "had our first concert at EuroFurence 13! It was amazing! The Fauna Project Concert was a two hours something show on the main stage of EuroFurence 13"[1]


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