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The Fandom is a documentary series that is focused on giving people a real-life look into the furry community as told by the artists and creators who have helped build it. The project is being led by Ash Coyote. It consists of two parts, a web series, and a feature film.

Parts of the documentary[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Part 1 of The Fandom was completed as a web series which will be released in parts on Ash Coyote's YouTube channel. There are currently five episodes which have been released:

Part 2[edit]

Part 2 is planned out to be a feature film with Kickstarter funding already underway. It will give an in-depth look at the early history of the fandom and explore the furry fandom's origins as the first internet subculture as well as focusing on the individuals who helped to start the first furry conventions, meetups and facilitate artistic expression. If the funding on the Kickstarter is fulfilled, the film will be released somewhere between January and March 2020.[1]


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