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The Furry Broadcasting Corporation (or FBC) was a furry internet radio station created in 2005 by Jaie Davis, when 2 Sense decided to stop production. Run by Jaie and a few veterans of the deceased 2 Sense, the FBC aired round-the-clock music, radio dramatizations and talk shows, all of which were furry based. Some shows modelled themselves off of the 2 Sense concept, and the original show itself was syndicated on the channel. The FBC's website has been down since September 2, 2009, and the stream came down October 12, 2009.

The FBC's broadcasted contents were available from the web portal as podcasts, though many episodes (and some exclusive content) could only be obtained through the site's subscription service. Users were also able to request songs for play, decide what songs stay in rotation on the server and converse with show hosts and staff live on FurNet's #FBC channel; a few shows also used IRC audience feedback.


The FBC featured several talkshows and radio dramas bookended by non-stop music. The music selection itself ran nearly the entire musical spectrum was is automated via the server; users were able to request songs for the playlist queue and vote on which songs stay within the database via the Rate It! program (though users were able to vote on which songs stay for several days after the broadcast). Some furry staples such as "Dragostea Din Tei" and "Move Your Dead Bones" could be found in rotation, along with songs submitted by furry musicians like DJ Wiru and Zephryos. There was also a Top Ten Most Requested program.

The talkshows ran the gamut from the family-oriented gaming show [Plus] 5 to the sexually explicit yiffing program Rubber Beaver. A number of shows featured explicit language, ranging from simple expletives to graphic descriptions of sexual and bodily functions, though the latter was fairly uncommon. Nearly all shows that featured guests used Skype to host them, though a few shows (notably Mediaphilia) had in-house guests to carry the show.

The station's syndicated programs were 2 Sense and the Sabrina Online Radio Play.

Active shows (around time of closure)[edit]

Title Host Description
The Brainstew Jaie Davis A socio-political show which aims to challenge the mind and stress the importance of common sense and logic in today's society. The show is almost always broadcast live and usually incorporates viewer feedback (via e-mail and IRC) into the program.
Bunny Suicide TornadoCreator A potentially offensive show. TC interviews his guests/co-hosts and is prone to ranting. The show is a gaming and news show consisting of two parts. The first is a section where different topics are discussed as well as letters read out from listeners. The second is a gaming review and discussion segment, games for PS2, PSP, Xbox360, Xbox, PC, Dreamcast, Saturn and PSone are all reviewed. Nintendo is almost never reviewed as the show hosts do not own nor play Nintendo consoles. The gaming segment will also include reviews of roleplay systems and CCG's and any gaming news. The Dumb Laws segment is read out on the show for comedy value.
Mediaphilia Réizàr A view of what's wrong with the world from a certain weretiger's perspective. Features music, parody commercials, guest segments and weekly pieces such as Skippy's List.
Rendal's Ravings Raving Rendal A weekly rant show that usually tries to have one topic a week. Topics have ranged from politics, to music, wrestling and sexuality. Other segments known to have been featured include Bozo Criminal of the Day and entries from the RPG Mortuary.
Flash In The Pan Raving Rendal An hour of music, flash videos, and otherwise internet media that is cool and awesome.
Storm Gryphon Tonight Storm Gryphon A sometimes ranting talk show with topics covering everything from furry politics to computers to Canada.
The Wolf Den Radio Show Austin Wolfclaw An hour-and-a-half show full of random music and requests The second half of the show is mostly dedicated to newsf from the fandom and abroad, and other stuff that austin may have on his mind. Austin broadcasts via tape delay to to lack of high speed internet.

Inactive shows[edit]

Title Host Description
The VLF Garr & Sphelx A show based in the United Kingdom that has been described as "the bastard love child of 2 Sense" for taking a unique spin on the original concept.
DJ Wiru in the mix DJ Wiru An hour-long mix of trance, techno and various club tracks. Wiru broadcasted a live set on the first Saturday of each month.
Rubber Beaver Moldred A sexually explicit yiff program, featuring fanfiction readings and songs with obscene lyrics.
[Plus] 5 Jier The FBC's family-oriented gaming show, featuring reviews of games and gameplay.
Pro Valde Justicia Panther Claw A talk show focusing on news, politics and the connecting threads that lie inbetween.

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