The Emerald City Tavern

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The Emerald City Tavern is a social location in FurryMUCK. It is owned by Cuprohastes and Sorien. The theme of the tavern is that it is set in the same world as The Wizard of Oz.

The tavern features multiple rooms. Although it is flagged as adults-only, 'adult' scenes of various types are not allowed in the public rooms, (a similar policy to that of The Flagon's Tale). It is a place for socialisation and general conversation without the confines of having to be "PG13".

The Tavern features a number of scripts coded in MPI, including a maitre'de, a fireplace, a bowl of barnuts, and a rising and setting 'sun.' It contains many exits, some of which are not listed, and some of which are merely not obvious. As of August 2005 it was still under expansion, though the main areas were complete.

The Emerald City Tavern may be considered "moderated" as the owners are often in residence, although they tend to take a "hands off" approach to management.


The Emerald City Tavern can be reached from within FurryMUCK by typing t et and then enter. To do this, the agebit must be set, which is only possible with an adult account.