The Electric Holt

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The Electric Holt BBS was a Philadelphia area bulletin board system catering to ElfQuest, furry and anime fandom from 1987 to 1991. It was created in May 1987 by Richard Chandler (sysop), Mitch Marmel (assistant sysop), John DeWeese, and Seth Grenald, all of whom were students at Drexel University in Philadelphia; Chandler and Marmel knew each other from being members of the Philadelphia Animation Society.

The Electric Holt became the premiere BBS of furry discussion on the Eastern coast of North America during its existence, similar in importance to The Tiger's Den BBS (which was established in Southern California) for the nascent fandom in the Western coast region. Chandler would go on to become the editor of Gallery from 1989 until 2004.

Unlike several other furry systems of the era, The Electric Holt was not a part of FidoNet, due to a lack of compatible software for the Macintosh system the BBS ran on.