The Disqualified Portfolio

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The Disqualified Portfolio is a collaborative portfolio depicting anthropomorphic, male dogs. Among the participating artists are Adam Wan, Cara Mitten, Egypt Urnash, Javachickn, Maggock, Miss Monster, oCeLoT, Uaykan, and Ultraviolet.

The concept behind the Disqualified Portfolio is The Disqualified Portfolio is "that every dog depicted in this has one or more physical traits that would bar him from winning breed competitions. What the portfolio hopes to show is that while every dog will never be able to take home a kennel club championship, they're still every bit as gorgeous as an official champion. It's not the standard that counts, it's the dog."

On November 6, it was publicly announced that the administration of the portfolio was changing hands, from Dholish to Maggock. The release of the portfolio was also pushed back to Anthrocon 2007; previous release date was Further Confusion 2007.

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