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The Deptford Mice is a series of children's books by Robin Jarvis. There are eight books in the series and an additional almanac. A ninth book will be published in 2008.

The first three books tell the story of a group of mice who seek to slay Jupiter, the god of the rats who lives in the sewers. The second three books are prequels to characters in the first three books, dealing with the rise of Jupiter, the history of Thomas, and the tradition of the squirrel Starwife.

Deptford Mice

  • The Dark Portal (1989)
  • The Crystal Prison (1989)
  • The Final Reckoning (1990)

Deptford Histories

  • The Alchymist's Cat (1991)
  • The Oaken Throne (1993)
  • Thomas (1995)
  • The Deptford Mice Almanack (1997)

Deptford Mouselets

  • Fleabee's Fortune (2004)
  • Whortle's Hope (2007)
  • Ogmund's Gift (to be published 2008)

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