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The Den was a general-purpose furry forum.


The Den was founded in August of 2006 by Khaz. In time, it gained a following of 169 members with a total over 14100 posts.

The Den began as an independent forum headed up by a single administrator; over the next year the staff gained two moderators, one of which took on the position of administrator. In the year following the den gained another moderator, given specific jurisdiction over the Role Playing section.

Unfortunately, despite the promising initial growth and usage, The Den's activity fell steadily over the following years, to a complete standstill. On February 11th 2010, Khaz posted an announcement that the forum would be permanently shut down in two weeks' time.


The Den was designed to be a friendly forum with a focus on the Furry Fandom. It remained a relatively small but close-knit community. The forum was built to be an outlet for intellectual discussion, friendly conversation and general past times.

The forum lent an outlet to its members' artistic sides as well, giving them a place to post their writing, links to their graphical artwork and a section for role playing (both general and mature). The Den had an 18+ only membership policy, though it differentiates between mature and general content sections.


Working Forum Layout:

Rules Section:

  • Rules, Guidelines & FAQ

General Furry

  • Introductions
  • General Furry Discussion
  • Furry Polls
  • Yiffy Forum

Intellectual Discussion

  • General Discussion
  • Questions
  • The News

Furry Role-Play

  • Ordinary Role-Play
  • Yiffy Role-Play
  • Archive

The Arts

  • Artistic Discussion
  • Clean Art Requests & Trading
  • Yiffy Art Requests & Trading
  • Stories, Poetry & Lyrics


  • Personals
  • Business
  • Reference


  • Off-Topic
  • Games

Board Discussions

  • Information, Updates and Requests
  • Suggestions and Criticism
  • Board Help

Administrative Zone

  • Locked & Dead Threads
  • Moderator & Admin Discussion (Hidden)
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