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The Daily Show is a Peabody and Emmy Award-winning half-hour American comical news television produced by and run on the Comedy cable television network.

The Daily Show and furry[edit]

Rapid T. Rabbit on The Daily Show

September 21, 1999 show[edit]

On this date, The Daily Show (with host Jon Stewart,) ran a segment called A Hare Piece. This segment had an interview with furry artist Richard James Concepcion, creator of Rapid T. Rabbit (leading character in the Rapid T. Rabbit and Friends cable television show, as well as being Concepcion's fursona) about his show [1].

In an online review of the segment, media review site Pressed Fur had this to say:

The Daily Show
.. the Daily Show. Known for its "freak-of-the-week" segments, Mr. Rabbit managed to score one for Furrydom's reputation by taking the rope the Daily Show gave him and hanging himself with it.[2]
The Daily Show

October 2000 show[edit]

Almost a year later, The Daily Show ran a segment about Gaylaxicon 2000, which included some furry-related material.[3] For this segment, Pressed Fur states that:

The Daily Show
the word "furry" isn't used at all. Instead, we're treated to the loftier term "anthropomorphic erotica."[2]
The Daily Show


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