The Confectionaries

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The Confectionaries
Author(s) Ringtail Cafe Productions
Update schedule Ended
Genre Funny Animal, Fantasy
Censor PG button.png

The Confectionaries was initially a webcomic series by Ringtail Cafe Productions, now a comic book series.


The Confectionaries is about a group of magical creatures created by a wizard. They have been left alone in the castle a long time, and the store revolves around these creatures discovering they are not as alone as they originally thought.

The first issue introduces human children who then encounter the candy creatures, believing them to be ghosts. A prequel issue was also released, explaining the story behind The Confectionaries and how they were created, while the Christmas issue has gingerbread men being brought to life and turning evil.


The Confectionaries began as a single stand alone introductory comic issue, followed by a graphic novel. It is now a printed comic series, with issues #0, #1, and a Christmas Holiday Special released so far. with Issue #2 debuting at Anthrocon 2013.

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