The Cold Moons

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The Cold Moons is a novel by Aeron Clement, and was first published in 1987, by Kindredson Publishing, with illustrations by Jill Clement. In 1988 it was republished by Penguin Books; the paperback has the ISBN 0140340920.

The Cold Moons, like so many other novels featuring non-morphic animals, has been compared to Watership Down (the cover of a 1988 paperback declares it a "stunning story in the tradition of Watership Down[1]) and with more similarity than many others. In The Cold Moons, Badgers are being exterminated in an attempt to control bovine tuberculosis; a group of them travel to find a safe haven they call Elysia.

Unusually, The Cold Moons is told entirely without dialogue, although all the Badger characters are named.


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