Chronicles of the Pride Lands

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Chronicles of the Pride Lands is a series of fan fiction stories based on The Lion King well known among Lion King fans. John Burkitt is the creator of the series and the primary developer of the overall storyline. David Morris co-authored all of the stories; some were also co-authored by Ian Layton.

Story list[edit]

The series includes the stories listed below. The first four are considered the main series and the last four are supplemental tales exploring some of the tangential characters and plotlines from the first four.

  • The Legacy of Ahadi (originally titled The Chronicles of the Pride Lands until that became the title of the overall series)
  • The Spirit Quest
  • Shadow of the Makei
  • Under the Acacias
  • The Leonid Saga
  • The Change
  • The Promise
  • Touch of the Nisei

2000 Version[edit]

After the release of Simba's Pride, The Legacy of Ahadi was edited to make it more canonical, and also to expand into the cubhood of Ahadi during Mohatu's reign. Its release was fairly limited, only known to be released on Kublia's site. Many fans of the original seem not to know about the edits or consider the original version superior. The other stories were to be combined into a story known as Uzuri's Legacy, but it is unknown if this piece was ever released, or if it was even finished.

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