The Chronicles of Loth

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The Chronicles of Loth
Author(s) J. E. Flint. Eric Flint
Update schedule Tuesday and Friday
Launch date April 24, 2009[1]
End Date Continuing
Genre fantasy adventure
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The Chronicles of Loth is a fantasy-adventure webcomic. It is written by J. E. Flint, with artwork by Eric Flint.[2]

The comic follows the adventure of Mirlinth Loth and her companions as they embark on "a quest that will ultimately save their land but will doom the entire planet".[2] Much of the story concerns Mirlinth coming of age and learning about the outside world.


There are five main characters in The Chronicles.[2] Three are humanoid, whilst two are descended from dragons. Each of the characters has a specific mission they need to accomplish and, for many of them, it is easier to team up then go solo. They are:[2]

  • Mirlinth Loth, the story's main character. She is a desecendant of the mythological dragons, and is known as Treori. Her primary quest is one of adulthood and understanding, whilst trying to save her people from an ancient evil.
Mirlinth's primary goal is to prove she is as great a hero and warrior as her ancestors, by living up to the deeds of past Treori, like her father. Mirlinth does not trust elves and, as far as she is concerned, they deserve everything that has happened to their society. Mirlinth is a proud warrior and likes honourable combat. She believes that being a solider is the highest honor one can have, as you serve your country and prove your worth to everyone.
  • Ralidant Fisali, a half-elven mage who is on a quest to find his sister, Naerea. She was captured and sold into slavery during a raid on his village.
Ralidant is the only member of the group adept at magic, and his skills at swordplay are weak but adequate. He is the product of rape from his human father, Galian, on his mother, Teiria. Ralidant spent much of his youth hidden away in a tower, learning magic.
  • Kinuko Harada, a monk, and the wise and calm individual of the group. She began her journey as a search for self after expressing her feelings to the only man she ever cared for. She has a kind heart and does what is right. She was captured by slavers trying to help another person in need.
Kinuko has an ability to disrupt the powers of Undead with her Chi. She mostly speaks in Koan, for this gives her a chance to carefully pick her words before speaking, something she hopes all her fellow adventures will emulate.
  • Cade Highgallow, a thief, lady's man, an acrobat with the ability to break through to anyone's heart. Cade's reasons for being with the group is unknown, but probably for the thrill of the adventure. He has an innate understanding of Dwarven Tech and explosives.
Cade willingly threw out several handfuls of gold to make sure no one would be crushed when he blew up the city gate to cover their tracks. He also seems to have the unique ability to be break through the forth wall outside of Holiday Strips, though he uses it sparingly or for comedic purposes.
  • Sevikira Feledon, who, like Mirlinth, is descended from the mythological dragons. Her mother is the head of the Council in Minios, making her the unoffical princess of Minios. Sevikira was like a sister to Mirlinth until she was exiled for undisclosed reasons.
Sevikira has a flirty attitude and enjoys poking fun at Mirlinth. The two have a very similar build and, except for hair and coloring, really could be sisters. Sevikira also has elven blood flowing through her veins (a little known fact outside of a few council members).


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