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The Cave is a furry house in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


The Cave was formed in August, 2006. Its original occupants included Foxy Malone, FlameDrake, and Milesway. In August, 2007, The Cave moved locations, to a bigger premises one suburb over, to make room for two new housemates, Nikita Wolfpaw and Ngarewyrd.

In April, 2008, Flamedrake moved down to Melbourne, Bingo Dingo moved in briefly (for a month), and two weeks after that FoxofFire moved in. In early July, Ngarewyrd was evicted. FoxofFire moved out in early August after breaking up with Miles, and The_Sirius moved in.

Sirius moved out in January, 2009, leaving the inhabitants as Foxy Malone, Milesway and Nikita Wolfpaw.

The Cave broke up in August, 2011, with the three members going to separate houses. In March, 2012, The Cave reformed with Nikita Wolfpaw and Foxy Malone and two cats Scary and Nacho.

The house[edit]

A large old Queenslander-style house, The Cave has the distinction of being one of the first in the area. It was originally surrounded by farmland.

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