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The Cathouse Tale logo.jpg
A screenshot of The Cathouse Tale showing the game's character creation mechanism.

The Cathouse Tale was an adult roleplaying video game featuring anthropomorphic animals. It is available on Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux.[1] The Cathouse Tale is currently in the alpha stage, and supporters on Patreon gain early access to the latest builds before released to the public.[2]

The Cathouse Tale features character customization, RPG elements, a storyline and interactive sex scenes including males, females and hermaphrodites with the option to restrict scenes to the player's personal tastes.[2] The player takes the role of a prostitute working in The Cathouse, a high-class and exclusive brothel. The player will receive more challenges, encounters and unlockables as they progress through the game by pleasing customers, refining their skills and getting to know their co-workers.[2]

Late in 2019, after not being updated for some months, the project was ended.[3]


Main team[edit]

  • Wolvalix: Character modelling, rigging and animation.
  • Invertx: Programming.
  • Lithier: Story, PR, coordination.
  • Gloveboxofdoom: Environment design.

Supporting team[edit]


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