The Carmine Bordello

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The Carmine Bordello is an adult dream within the game of Furcadia, owned by Contingencyiam and Lobsel Vith. It has a world package, and it has its own group tag, which show sup in a user's Furcadia description when he/she/they register with the group. The name was suggested by Siena, the owner of The Golden Tether

The dream[edit]

The Carmine Bordello is located in the Palace Courtyard in the new version of FurN, near the Club Nimbus and The Golden Tether dreams. The bordello is nestled midway up a mountainside, overlooking a Floret lake, the surroundings being mainly pine trees, mountains, the strip of land with the port town of Northcrest, and then the sea (description only, non-accesible). It has a typically rainy climate in the summer and spring months, and chilly winters with heavy snowfall.

Set in a luxurious manor, lavishly furnished, it is the perfect setting for [[[character]]s seeking a fine establishment to blow off some steam, or board in.

It is also a good place for characters who are down on their luck and seeking employment. They offer such jobs as maids, butlers, lounge attendants, etc, and hosts and hostesses (for those seeking sexual roles).


The dream has it's own economy and monetary system (TCB coins), that works in tandem with Furcadia's existing Cookie Economy.

One "Cookie" can be traded for 500 TCB coins. The currency is similar to a dollar amount (1 TCB coin=$1), and items are priced accordingly within the dream. TCB funds can also be used to pay for the companionship of a host or hostess, to rent a room from the front desk, to buy various foods and drinks, to tip other staff, or just to hoard to yourself in your coinpurse, or lockbox.

Money can be transferred to other players also. Members get 100 TCB coins every day the first time they visit as a loyalty perk.



  • Contingencyiam - Supreme, a Lord role
  • Lobsel Vith - Supreme


  • Yor - Regent. Second in command, and someone who is authorized to act on the behalf of the Supreme(s) in their absence
  • Julissa - Warden. Wardens are security, or "peacekeepers". They moderate and ensure that everyone is following the rules
  • Infernal - Warden
  • Seraphyna - Warden


Question book.png This section does not cite its references or sources. (edit)
  • '"Separation of In Character And Out Of Character" - Users must keep all IC issues In Character, and all OOC issues Out of Character. Likewise, OOC knowledge does not apply ICly.
  • "Be Respectful" - No racist, sexist, hateful, and/or religious arguments. users are refrain from bad talk about other dreams in Furcadia.
  • "Use Common Sense" - Users must refrain from malicious or uneducated intents.
  • "Don’t be an attention whore" - Not every roleplay is about a user's character exclusively.
  • "Likewise, don’t be a crybaby" - Users may not harass other players with their personal problems.
  • "We aren't glorified babysitters" - OOC drama is not tolerated. Staff will not intervene, and will ask users to take it to whispers,[clarify] or go hit a pillow.[clarify]
  • "Furcadia's Terms of Service" - All TCB players must follow Furcadia’s Terms of Service or be banned.
  • "The Word Of The Owners Is Law" - The owners of the dream have final say on everything concerning the dream.
  • "Post Quality" - Users must ensure that posts are readable (proofread and spell-checked), and add to the story line.
  • "Keep OOC To A Minimum During RP" - During an ongoing role-play , users and staff keep OOC minimal and bracketed, or take it to whispers.
  • '"Do Not Troll" - Trolling encompass mass spamming of text, digo actions, or general harassment, and it's a bannable offense.
  • "No Powerplaying, No Godmoding" - Users may not role-play (Powerplaying) someone else's character, or God mode (one hit kills without prior OOC permission, auto-hitting on every attack, being invulnerable to damage, etc.)

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