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It's The Beagles: Stringer, Tubby, and their manager, Scotty!

The Beagles is a lost cartoon about anthropomorphic dogs from the archives of TTV (Total Television Productions) that first aired on September 10th, 1966 and ended September 7th, 1968 on CBS, It was repeated the following season on ABC before it quickly disappeared. Only 36 episodes were made.

The show spawned a record called Looking For The Beagles.

Joe Harris (the former Vice-President, Supervisor of Animation for Dancer, Fitzgerald, Sample Advertising, who left D-F-S in 1959 to found Total Television Productions with Treadwell Covington and writers Buck Biggers and Chet Stover) said the following regarding The Beagles:

"...the Beagles. Now there's a sad story. The editor who worked on that series died while at work on them and apparently all the editing materials including the master negs were tossed out by his widow. I've tried through John Gartenberg, the former archivist at Golden Books Publishing, to find out if the trail to those masters was still traceable but he came up with nothing. He was able to locate the masters on all but a very few of the rest of the TTV productions but drew a blank on the Beagles. I not only have the characters but the storyboards, although unfortunately on stats. I have no idea where the original boards are; possibly they went out with the rest of the materials. The Beagles were entirely TTV properties which makes it doubly painful to have lost them."

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