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Basil Brush (cartoon form)

The Basil Brush Show is a 2002-2007 remake of the 1970s-1980s comedy show starring Basil Brush, the famous glove puppet fox.

A new comic foil was introduced for the first 4 seasons called Mr Stephen who was played by Christopher Pizzey. Georgina Leonidas and Michael Hayes also appear on the show. No-one is directly credited as playing Basil on this show, although it is almost certainly Michael Winsor, who is credited as either Basil's fitness instructor, or his personal assistant.

However, Despite Basil Brush's worldwide success, Basil Brush's TV Show (Original nor This remake) was never shown in the United States



Stephen is the uncle to Dave and Molly, and is left in charge of them when their parents go on a round-the-world tour. It is never mentioned how he was chosen to be their guardian, or what his exact relationship with the children is. He is often the main subject of Basil or another character's jokes, much to his annoyance.

In the fifth series, Mr Stephen left the show (it is as yet unknown whether or not he will return later on, but it appears that he will not, as he has "officially left the show" [1]). He was revealed in the first episode to have been employed by "Hollywood", which turned out to in fact be a mobile snack bar named "Hollywood". This is a reference to his eagerness to be recognised as a brilliant actor in the first four series and be accepted into Hollywood, an endeavour that almost invariably flopped. (2002-2007)


Dave is Molly's younger brother and Stephen's nephew. He is regularly shown to have a flair for business, and has, throughout the course of the series, set up a media empire, imported stolen goods and even started his own TV show, Big Bother (a play on the actual television program "Big Brother") He is portrayed by Michael Hayes.


Molly is Dave's older sister and Stephen's niece. She is portrayed as the sensible character, trying to reason with the characters whenever they make a bad decision. Molly is one of the most popular characters on the show. She is very clever and very witty. In Series 5, Molly appears in only a few episodes, with Lucy partially replacing her character-type. (2002-Present) She is portrayed by Georgina Leonidas.


Appearing in every season of the comeback so far, Anil is the owner of Basil's local hangout, Anil's Cafe. Like Mr Stephen, he is shown to have a less than average intelligence, and a running joke through the series is the terrible quality of his food. (2002-Present)


Stephen's first love interest Amanda appeared in the first series, but betrayed the gang by working for Cousin Mortimer. (2002)


Intelligent and headstrong, Ella is Stephen's second love interest, Molly's best friend, and the gang's upstairs neighbour. She appears in the second series. (2003)


An American who appears in the later seasons, having moved to the flat upstairs. She is introduced as a fashion student, but her initial designs were thrown out by Basil, having mistaken them for rubbish. Madison is Stephen's third love interest in the Basil Brush Show. She mispronounces Basil's name as Bay-zill (2004-Present)

The Voice Over Man[edit]

Witty but often voicing-over in the wrong situations, the Voice Over Man is never seen but often heard, and heard very loudly too, much to the annoyance of Basil and co. (2002-present)

Cousin Mortimer[edit]

Mortimer, Basil's criminal cousin is a fox on the run who often appears as the main baddie of the show. After telling a joke, he says "Bang bang!", usually accompanied by two gun shots. His full name is Mortimer Trouble Brush (2002-Present). He is voiced by Don Austen.


Basil's playful and hyper nephew fox cub. Often says "Bing bing!". (2003-Present). He is voiced by Don Austen, (also voices Cousin Mortimer).


Only seen once, Bungo is Bingo's twin brother. Described by Basil as "like Bingo, but much, much worse..." (2003)

Miss Pike[edit]

Only seen in one episode, Miss Pike is Dave's evil maths teacher who toasts any pupil that don't do or bring in their homework. In the episode The Fakes Progress when Steven is handsome he pretends to fall in love with Miss Pike to save Dave. Her first name is Ermintrude but she likes to call her name Minty. (2002)

India Beau[edit]

Pop-singing waitress at Anil's. She is a very good singer and is the second most popular on the show. She left the show in 2005.


Liam was found during the search for Stephen's predessesor. He impressed the judges, although he revealed that he was actually a distant cousin of Stephen and had just come to look for him. (2006-Present)


Anil's niece, Lucy, as of series 5. She was found working as a "slave" for Anil, and was "rescued" by Basil. (2006-Present)


Roxy is Basil's new girlfriend, but unlike the other foxes in the show (Bingo & Mortimer) she's an arctic fox. She has so far only been seen in four episodes. (2006-Present)


  • Stephen's Flat (2002-Present): This is the place where the gang live, and spend most of their time at. It is made up of a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and three bedrooms. The bathroom is seen in many occasions, and Basil & Stephen's bedroom is seen at the end of every episode from Series 1-4. Molly's room is only seen in one episode in Series Two, and Dave's room is only seen in an episode from Series 4.
  • Anil's CafĂ© (2002-Present): The gang spend most of their time here, although it apparently serves bad food. This is the place where the group meet Amanda (1.1), India (Series 2), and Lucy (5.1). We also see Anil's Kitchen in one episode from Series 2. It is later refurbished in Series 3.
  • Ella's Flat (2003): Only featured in one episode (2.1), this is the place where Stepehen and Basil end up after falling through the air vent.
  • Madison's Flat (2004-Present): This is the place where Madison lives. It is exceptionally smaller than both Ella's and Stephen's flat.

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